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During a visit at the International Food Show in Paris, the founders discovered the concept of semi-dried tomatoes. The idea is simple: partially dry the tomato and season it to improve its organoleptic qualities and preserve it for a longer period of time.

The South West of France was the best location to establish the production site.  The climate, the lifestyle and the mindset of the locals whose values were commonly shared with the founders, and particularly in Agen, the heart of Lot et Garonne, famous for its gourmet dried prunes...and its tomatoes, recognized as amongst the best in France.

A unique savoir-faire

Sud'n'Sol sucess is its savoir-faire which is rigourously maintained and its credo which it has made its battle horse. It's working with fresh raw materials that we develop the best flavours, textures and colours of the original vegetables.

After receiving the raw materials, they are sorted, washed and cut. Only then does the essential phase of their transformation start. This phase will significantly reduce the quantity of water in the vegetables to concentrate the aromas and enhance the flavours. They are either dried or grilled, a difficult process considering that the raw material can change during the different seasons. This stage requires a great mastery of the specific production process and this remains a closely guarded secret!

To maintain the role of leadership, one needs to imagine the products of the future and to continue to reply to market needs proposing healthy, tasty and easy to use products. Innovation is part of the DNA of Sud'n'Sol and today, both brands offer ranges based on the 5 families of products in pack-sizes adapted to either Food Service or retail customers.

A recognized and innovative savoir-faire among professionals

Our savoir-faire is adapted to each operator from wholesalers, to retailers, industrials, snacking operators, caterers…

Want to know more about the Sud'n'Soliens personality? Discover our song

"Mange des Tomates mon Amour" :

Les TomatesJack Ary
Our factories

Two performing production facilities matching the various needs of Sud'n'Sol customers, and two sites accredite with the certification IFS and BRC.





To produce in conformance with specifications is a good thing, the more natural, more healthy and the best in the market is even better! Such is the idea behind the CLEAN LABEL approach for products without preservatives and additives.

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